Welcome to JA Uganda!


As you navigate our website, I hope you learn more about the qualities that make

JA a leading organization in Uganda and at a global level when it comes to the area

of youth development.


We are activating Uganda’s youth for the future of work.

Ever since our establishment in 2008, we have tirelessly worked hard to ensure that we

maximize our impact on young people. To date, our programs have reached over

160,000 young people in and outside of school. 


We prepare young people for the 21st century global economy through experiential, hands-on learning programs focused on building financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurial skills.


We are constantly looking to partner with organizations to empower young people.

We partner with the government, corporations and volunteers to co-create the next generation

of resilient entrepreneurs and passionate workers. The people who we partner with to directly work with students are the teachers. To date, we have trained over 1,563 in experiential (learning by doing ) methodology with which they help our learners explore the world of entrepreneurship.


Junior Achievement Uganda

Uganda Health Marketing Group Building

Plot 20-21 and 27-28

Martyrs Crescent 

P.O Box 133

Kampala, Uganda

Email: info@jauganda.org

Phone: +256 414340352

Phone: +256 785395354

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